Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Basement Inspiration

The past few days I have been scanning the Internet to get inspiration for our new house.

I am super excited to be able to have a whole room dedicated to my stuff. It will be an office, craft room and basically a place where I can do what I want (make a mess and not clean it up, mostly).
So, I wanted to give you a peek at what I think I might do with the room.

This is the space, a blank canvas. It is the only "finished" room in the basement.

I am thinking either blue or turquoise paint, with all white furniture. Lots of shelves and organizational tools so I can scrapbook whenever I want :) and know where everything is!
Here are a few inspirational pictures...

Here are a few more pictures of the basement too...since I didn't post them before:

Stan is showing that the ceiling is high. We are thinking about putting up a wall to make this another bedroom.

This is the other side of the basement, that is a door to stairs that lead to the back yard. We will make this the family room / Irish Pub :) There are two egress windows in this space too, so there will be lots of natural light.

This is the space will become a bathroom at some point (rough plumbing in). It will also be the laundry room.

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