Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 Month Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary. It really hadn't even occurred to me that we would celebrate it. However, last Thursday I got a package in the mail from my mom. She had sent us 4 $25 gift certificates. They were for Palm Court, Peacock Room, Safari Room and Old Euro. The note said Happy 1 Month Anniversary. I was completely surprised and very excited to use them.

We decided to try the Safari Room last night. I had Stan go online and look at the menus to the restaurants at the Davenport, to see which one we might be in the mood for. After looking them all over, we decided that the Safari room would be a good choice, the items weren't as expensive as the other restaurants.

I got dressed up with some new clothes I had bought earlier that day and Stan put on his nice dress pants and even a tie.

(We were making fun of the animal print everywhere and making tiger sounds...hence the face and claws in the pictures)

We had a great meal. We started off with some crab and artichoke dip. It was so yummy! I chose the Steak Salad for my entree. It wasn't that great...but I might have only thought that since Stan's entree was AMAZING! He had the filet mignon. OMG...it was the best steak I have ever tasted. It melted in your mouth. I kind of wish I had ordered it as well, but it was $36. We also had desert, which was also amazing. They bring out this stand that has shot glass like dishes filled with really yummy stuff. I had the Kie Lime Pie and Raspberry Cheese Cake and Stan had the German Chocolate Cake and Creme Brule. They were only $2 bucks each..so we splurged and got two more Kie Lime Pie's. That was my favorite one!
I am really excited to try the other two restaurants out at the Davenport. We are going to save one for New Years.

I also got my ring back on Monday. I got the wedding band and e-ring soldered together and rodium plated. It looks so good!

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