Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Stan and I tend to be very lazy on the weekends, which in my opinion is ok. However, some times it is nice to get out and actually do something, especially on a wonderful weekend like we just had.

We had gotten up pretty early on Saturday and I asked Stan if he wanted to go to Rockwood Bakery for Breakfast. We used to go there alot, but that was before moved up on the south hill and were engaged. I guess back when I could afford to spend $18 on coffee and quiche.

After breakfast, which was very yummy, we drove over to Manito Park. I was very excited because the last time I had been there nothing was in bloom. The last time we had been there with all the roses was before we were engaged...so a very long time ago. I took some pictures (which was not an easy task since the camera was going dead and kept turning off). After the roses we head down to Duncan (Sp?) gardens. We joked that it would be so cool to be rich enough to have your own gardens like that. The fountain was going, but there was a bunch of ice formed on it. It was pretty chilly out. After that we walked over to the Japanese Gardens. There were a bunch of photographers there taking Senior pictures. It was funny though...I am pretty sure they were all amatures, since none of them had the nice sophisticated cameras like the professional photographers I had seen. I got a chuckle out of watching them pose by the waterfall and on the bridge. It seems like so long ago that I was as senior in highschool.

After that we drove home, but not before stopping at an Estate Sale near Rockwood Blvd. I was giddy because "Rich People" yards sales are actually fun to go to. This one was not disappointing. They had so many amazing things. I told Stan if we had a bigger house I would have bought alot of the antique furniture they had. They were selling it so cheap. We did buy a few things, which only cost $5!

After that we went to lunch at Two-Seven. We had never been there before, despite the fact that it was only a block away from where we live. I wasn't that impressed. The food was ok, but for a PUB I wanted more. Unfortunately, I drank too much there and came home and crashed. It wasn't even 3pm and I was out. Later that evening I woke up and realized how pathetic I was. I made things even worse. I went to Safeway and bought two bottles of wine and headed to a friends. We spent the rest of the night drinking and reminiscing about High School. We even went as far as drunk dialing boys and sending obnoxious emails to people. Good times. I woke up at her place feeling like crap and realizing I better get home before Stan gets worried.

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