Monday, December 8, 2008

Two years ago...

I meant to reflect on this last week, but with Thanksgiving, the traveling and the no access to Internet I just never got around to it.

Two Thanksgivings ago I was in a pretty bad car accident. I was driving to Omak on Tuesday evening. I was still in school at the time, so I got Wednesday off (wow that seems like such a surreal idea). I hadn't put my snow tires on yet, since they are stored in Omak, and was afraid to drive over the pass. I decided to take a different route, which I had taken many times, that does not go over the pass. Unfortunately, when I got only a few miles away from town I came to detour. The road I had to take I had never been on before. I could tell it was going to take me towards Okanogan and figured it wouldn't be difficult to find my way to the highway. Since I wasn't exactly sure where I was, I kept searching the lights I could see of the town to get a bearing of where I was. When I looked back at the road I was heading straight for the ditch. My tires went into the gravel, I over corrected and headed straight into the opposite ditch.

The only thing I remember was yelling out a curse word, then darkness, followed by the intense sound of my horn. The smell was so intense. It was dirt, sage brush and burnt rubber. The overhead light in my car was on, illuminating my now empty car. I looked at my hand, it was badly cut and bleeding. I searched for something to cover it with and could only find a dirty sock (I had two baskets of dirty clothes in the car I was taking home to have mom wash). I looked around some more and realized that my purse and thus my cell phone were gone. I tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. I looked up, the sun roof was gone. I went to undo my seat belt, it was no longer fastened. I was confused, since I know I had it on. At this point I saw lights coming towards me, I started to panic. Would they see me? I needed to get their attention! I started crying, but I don't know why. I some how manged to jump up, standing on the seat, upper body out the sunroof opening, waving my arms to get their attention. Their head lights turned towards me, thank god. A man, woman and teen aged boy jumped out of the truck. I climbed out onto the roof and the boy helped me down. The man disconnected the horn that was still blaring. They told me they saw my head lights go off the road, called 911 and turned around to come back for me. 

I turned around and looked at my car in shock, it was completely totaled. I noticed a wheel sitting next to the road, I asked "is that from my car?" Realizing that in fact my car was missing a wheel. My clothes and other person affects were scattered around the scene. I began picking things up, collecting my life. The man handed me his cell phone to call someone, sadly, I didn't know any ones numbers, they were all in MY cellphone, which was no where to be found. Within a few minuets the EMTs arrived. They made me stop moving, they started asking questions. They tended to my hand and put on a neck brace. The police arrived. They asked if I had been drinking, they asked if I was wearing a seat belt, they asked how fast I was driving. I was overwhelmed. I tried to explain I was coming from Spokane and had to take the detour, yes I was wearing a seat belt and I was only going about 35 mph.

By this point the adrenaline was subsiding and the shock was setting in. I half way collapsed in the arms of the EMT. They laid me down on a back board and loaded me in an ambulance. I remember telling them who my dad was and asked them to call him. I had finally remember his number. Once in the ambulance I started to fully realize what had just happened, that I could have died, why wasn't I more injured. I started to cry. I mumbled something about the car, and the EMT said"It is only a car". But it wasn't the car I was crying about, it was the fact that my brother had died in a tragic accident 6 moths prior. I knew my parents couldn't handle this, they were going to be a mess. 

At the hospital they took X-Rays and examined my hand. I had a bunch of glass in my hand and it was broken, but otherwise I was fine. I was sore and banged up, but I was not seriously injured. My parents finally arrived about an hour later. Apparently, the sheriff had a difficult time getting a hold of my Dad and the hospital couldn't seem to call out. WTF! When they arrived the look on their face was like they expected to find me dead. I guess no one told them I was OK, I guess all they said was that I was in a car accident and they needed to come to the hospital. Ugh! During my time in the ER I got my hand scrubbed with a brush (to get the glass out), I had a doctor dig around pulling out shards of glass, stitches, more X-Rays, and then more digging. Not fun. I was going to get a cast later. The police also showed up with some of my stuff and told me that they "weren't going to give me a ticket". Apparently, you can get a ticket for having your wheels leave the road. Gez! So they let me off with a warning. Ha. 

Before I would let Mom drive me home I made them take me back to the scene to look for my cell phone, since no one could find it. My car had been towed and most of my stuff had been picked up. We called my phone, and guess what we heard. Out in the bushes came, "Sexy Back". We found it about 50 yards from where the car landed. I guess it must have flown out of the car when it rolled. I also found some of my underwear...hah.


The next morning we went down to where the car had been towed. I collected my things and took some pictures. Here is what the car looked like. Yiks!

So that is about it. I healed up ok and now have a daily reminder on my hand. There is still some glass in there, that might come out some day. 

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