Saturday, January 17, 2009

A look back through the years

I have been reading alot of blogs recently related to eating healthy and losing weight. Many of these blogs have pictures of the journey the blogger is on or has been on. I decided it might be motivation and inspiration for me to do the same. I know my weight has fluctuated alot over the years, but it isn't that easy to see in pictures. None the is me (and some of Stan too) over the last few years.
This was Sep 2005 in Salzburg, Austria where I did my year study abroad.
Still in Europe...Nice, France. My arms look they are all flabby :(
So this was during Spring Break that year. I was probably around 210 lbs...thanks to walking everywhere and never riding the bus...which is what I had done the first semester. However, I also was going out drinking about 5 nights of the week and eating a Kabab twice a day too. Who knows what I would have looked like if I had been eating better.
Wow...I wish I had that stomach back. I now have the infamous "muffin top".
So...then I met Stan.
(June 2006)
As you can see, we have both gained ALOT of weight since we met. I think I was about 210lbs and he was 270lbs.
This was September '06. I had gained 10lbs already!
We went to Mexico for Spring Break '07. Getting know what they say about falling in MAKES YOU FAT!
But at least we were Happy!! (well and maybe drunk from the booze cruise)
We got engaged, June 28th 2007. I was pretty heavy here. I would guess around 240lbs. I stopped going on the scale, since I knew it would make me sick.
I found "the dress" but had to order it in a size 18 woman's. I was so upset and was determined to loose some weight before the wedding.
That fall I tried to do it the old fashioned way (going to the gym) but I just couldn't seem to be motivated. Then I started Isegenex. This picture was taken right before I started. I was 241lbs.
By Thanksgiving I had lost around 15lbs! I could fit back into the jeans I had worn in Europe (the ones I am wearing in this pic)
I lost a few more pounds before we went to Whistler, looking the best I had looked in over a year and a half. Then came the "all you could eat" week of food at work. The "food court" as we called it was right across from my desk. I gained 5lbs in 5 days!! I was determined to get back on the diet and lose more, but it never happened.
I gained a few more pounds back during the next semester, but was still able to fit into the dress I bought in January for the senior ball.
We went to a wedding at the end of May 2008. I was feeling pretty ok with my weight, but knew I wanted to tone up my arms. Right after this I started going to the gym 3 times a week and watched what I ate, most of the time.
We took a trip to Seattle for 4th of July. I remember being around 227 at this point. It wasn't a "bad" weight, but I also wasn't very happy.
For my bachlorette party a month lather I was able to lose a few more pounds and squeeze into the size 14 dress I had found at the rack. When I bought it a year earlier I couldn't zip it up.
First dress fitting. Good news, dress is WAY too big. She had to take 8 inches out of the waist. That made me feel good (but it wasn't like it fit when I got either). I decided I could work a little hard and maybe lose a 1-2 more pounds. So I was about 222lbs at this point.
I got down to 219lbs for the wedding. I was happy with this considering it was the weight I had gotten down to on Isegenex, but was only able to maintain for a few months.
3 months later and I had gained 15lbs. This a very unattractive picture of me anyways, but it really shows the double chin and how I am trying to hind my belly.
December 27, 2008 my 24th Birthday. I am 240lbs! :( Yes, that is right I gained over 20lbs since the wedding 4 months earlier. The double chin is very noticeable too, even with my attempt to "push" it out. Turning point...I am not going to turn 25 looking like this!

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