Monday, June 22, 2009


47 days after our offer was accepted, we signed the closing papers. During those 47 days we had a home inspection, appraisal and lots of waiting. Everything went very smoothly, until the day we were suppose to close (June 10th). We found out the seller had not done all the work they had agreed too, including having the house hooked up to the sewer and disconnected from the septic. This one was huge, since our loan would not be approved without (required by VA loan). We weren't too panicked, until we found out they also didn't want to pay for the total cost, either!! We were not willing to help with the cost, mostly because they had agreed, in the contract, to pay for it. Within a few days they agreed to pay for it and scheduled to have it done. We pushed the closing back to the next Tuesday.

On June 16, at 9:30am we closed on the house. It was pretty simple and straight forward. We singed a bizzillion papers, most of which I didn't even look at (I know we should have read them, but who really does that!). By the end of the day we had keys!!

We had such a wonderful experience with our Realtor. While she didn't "find" our house (Stan did and I wasn't too thrilled by the listing), she did so much work behind the scenes, so that we didn't have to do much and or stress. I can't imagine not using an agent…and definitely will contact her when we decide to sell (which hopefully wont be for another decade).

We didn't do much the first week…besides try to buy some appliances and get denied. I guess our credit is not so great now that we have a mortgage! Ha..oh well.

Over the weekend we made a lot of progress on the house…and spent a lot of money.

1. (2) 2" paint brush: $9.98
2. 3 pack of drop cloth: $7.99
3. Razor blade scrapper: $1.19
4. (2) 2 pack of rollers: $11.90
5. Extender paint roller: $13.89
Total: $48.86

Home depot trip #1
1. Ceiling Paint : $77.47
2. Roybi Drill and Saw: $89
3. 6' ladder: 58
4. Ceiling fan for Living room: 79.96
5. 2 Paint pails : $5.94
6. 3 Paint testers: $14.90
7. Metal paint tray: $2.94
8. Paint tray liners: $4.97
Total: $333.18

Hope depot trip #2
1. (3) Gallon of Glidden Paint: $61.41
2. Paint Spout: $0.99
3. GFCI outlet: $13.46
4. White switch plate: $1.41
5. White light switch: $2.49
6. Small foam roller: $4.97
7. Small foam replacement rollers: $4.87
Total: $89.60

Home Depot trip #3
1. Voltage Reader: $9.97
2. Wire Stripers: $8.99
3. Sash Lock: $2.89
4. Strike Plate: $2.47
5. Stud Finder: $19.97
Total: $44.29

Wow…we spent $516 this weekend!! Yikes.

I will have a lot more updates on the house projects….stay tuned

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