Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mini-Salzburg Reunion

The "Great" Katherine visited us this weekend! She flew in to Seattle from Boston late Friday night and then her and Michelle made the trip over Saturday morning. Katherine was my roommate in Salzburg during the first semester and then her and Michelle were roommates the second semester. We have been lucky enough to see Katherine about once a summer. She came to our wedding in 2008, in 2009 we went to Boston and in 2010 we meet up in Seattle for a Mariners vs Red Sox Game. Maybe next summer we can take Liam to Boston and Cap Cod :)

When they got into town we headed out to the Flying Goat for Pizza and Beer!! Yum Yum. Liam was a champ and slept the whole time in his car seat.

After dinner we dropped Liam off at our friend Cynthia's. This was our first time away from Liam other then when my mom watched him for a few hours in Omak. It wasn't too bad :)

We headed downtown. Firsts stop The Davenport Hotel. We showed the girls around and then headed to the Safari Room for some drinks. After a few yummy (and strong) martinis we went a few blocks west to the Brooklyn. Surprisingly Spokane was "dead" this evening and some of the bars in town were even closed! We had one more drink and then called it a night. Sounds pretty lame, but it was exhausting staying up that late and drinking, when you haven't for 10 months!

The next morning Katherine and Michelle came back over to our house for breakfast and snuggles with Liam. Then they made the trip back across the state to Seattle. It was a short trip, but I am soooo glad they came over to see us!!

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