Sunday, July 22, 2012

3 Months Old

4th Trimester is over…and so is my maternity leave :(

I went back to work on July 9th. It was almost surreal how fast 12 weeks of maternity leave went. The last few weeks of my leave I was pretty down. I was upset that I had to go back to work in general, but more importantly I was upset that I was going to be away from Liam everyday. He is just now starting to get a personality, to be more interactive. I finally got a daily routine down, and I have to learn a new, more challenging one. In 12 weeks I felt like I accomplished nothing, and I had all these grand plans for things I was going to get done around the house while home. Oh well, I know the time I spent with Liam, was way more important than some house projects!

Liam is growing so much!

Weight: 14 lbs

Length: Length 25 inches

Clothing Size: 3-6 months. He is so long in the torso that onesies are starting to get tight, but overall he is very lean.

Diapers: Cloth diapering is going great! We have mostly been using just the prefolds and Thirsties covers while at home and use AIO's when we are out of the house. I also use cloth wipes once in awhile too, but the disposables ones are just more convenience most of the time. At daycare Liam will be using the AIO/pockets.

Sleep: We are so incredibly lucky. Liam sleeps like a champ. He typically goes down for the night between 8:30-9 pm. We lay him down in the pack and play in our room and most nights he stays in there until early morning. Some nights, we hear him talking to himself for up to 30 min before he falls asleep. During the night, if he wakes up, I bring him into bed to nurse and he stays there until morning. Nursing in bed has gotten easier (was never successful early one). If he is still asleep when I get up for work, I get myself ready and then walk him to nurse and then diaper change. I am so lucky he is a good sleeper, especially now that I am back at work.

Breastfeeding/pumping: Breastfeeding has gotten sooo much better this past 2 months. I am enjoying it with no complaints. Liam has a good latch and we love our snuggles together while he nurses. I had basically stopped pumping all together since my supply had stabilized. Now that I am back at work, I have to pump at least 2 bottles a day for Liam (I get to nurse him during my lunch break). I hated pumping when we were having nursing issues and I especially hate it now. It is such an inconvenience. Unfortunately, my freezer stash only consider of 6 bags of 3-5 oz each. One of these bags is at daycare for an emergency. I do look forward to when Liam starts solids (hopefully we can hold off on that until 6-9 months) and I might be able to cut out one of the pumping sessions. I have also read that babies will sometimes reverse cycle and do more of their nursing when they are with mom. This might mean he stops sleeping through the night, but as long as we can co-sleep and nurse in bed, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Personality: The last few weeks Liam sure has developed a personality. He has started smiling and cooing so much! I love it! In the morning when he wakes up, he almost always gives me a big huge smile. I love that he recognizes me and responses with such enthusiasm. Sometimes he gets really "talkative". He makes all these wonderful sounds, gurgles and giggles. It sounds kind of like Chewbacca. Ha!

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