Saturday, September 1, 2012

{Freezer} Corn

We love fresh corn at our house, yet I NEVER buy it at the store. Probably because I always have some stashed away in my freezer.

A few years back my Grandma started sending me home with frozen corn from her garden. She would pack them in small little snack sized bags (perfect size for the two of us) and whenever I wanted some corn I would pull a bag out and put it in a pot on the stove. As I cooked dinner, it would defrost and heat up. Just add a dash of salt and pepper and a some butter and it is the perfect side dish!

Last year when I discovered I can get a TON of fresh corn for super cheap at a local U-Pick farm, I knew I had to freeze my own corn. We went back again this year and picked up 14 ears of corn for $3.50…how can you beat that?!

Freezer Corn

Here is my process for freezing corn. It is so simple!

1. Shuck all the corn

Shucking Corn

2. Blanch corn in a pot of boiling water. I give them about 8 min and then move them to a sink of cold water.

Blanching Corn

3. Once corn is cool and can be handled, I cut off the kernels. In the past I have just held the cob in a big bowl and cut down the cob to remove the kernels, but this year I discovered a nifty and easy way to cut the kernels off (thanks to Kelly).

cutting corn

4. Once all kernels are removed, I place them on a cookie sheet to flash freeze them (this way they won't be a big block of corn when frozen).

5. After about 2 hours in the freezer, I pack them in the snack baggies. Four of these bags fit into a pint sized freezer bag.

freezing the corn

5. Label them and then toss back in the freezer.

There you have it. 8 servings of organic, local corn for less than $0.25 a serving.

Ironically, we went to Pig Out in the Park later that day and saw they were selling fresh corn on the cob for $3 an ear!

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