Sunday, October 7, 2012


When I was growing up, I always had BIG dreams. I wanted to go to college (first in my family), travel the world and make lots of money (not living paycheck to paycheck). I knew that my path towards reaching my dreams was hard work and dedication. I did well in school and was accepted into my top choice university. 


In college I took courses in history, social science, arts and culture, business and German. I loved college and learning.  


I spent my junior year of college in Salzburg, Austria. I had the opportunity to visit and explore so many counties and cultures. 


I graduated with two degrees and started my first “real” job.
During this time I had also meet my husband and we began planning our lives together. My dreams were all coming true! 


Then the fall of 2008 happened. But we were just fine. We had been living in a tinny tiny apartment and were living within our means (or so we thought). We both still had jobs and were getting by just fine. Some of our dreams would just have to wait, but we, and the rest of the country, would be just fine, right? 

In the past 4 years we have bought a house, lost a job, went back to school, got a new job, and had a baby. The whole time, getting by just fine, right? 

Yes, we were getting by, but during the last 4 years we lost the dream. We stopped focusing on the dream and just focused on getting by…like most Americans. But what other options did we have? We couldn’t just wait for the economy to recover before we started living our lives, and I am glad we didn’t . But it is now time to start dreaming again! 

What could we do if money wasn’t an issue?
What could we do if we weren’t held back by debt?
What kind of lives could we have it we were both healthy? 

These are my new dreams and I am excited to share with you HOW we are going to make these dreams become a reality. 

What are your dreams? What are you doing to make them happen?

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