Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals!

Instead of setting resolutions for 2013, I have decided to focus on setting goals.

2013 Goals

Back in business school, we learned about S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Specific: The goal has to be specific and not general or ambiguous.

Measurable: There has to be a way to measure your progress towards the goal.

Attainable: Is the goal realistic and attainable? Can I actually accomplish this goal?

Relevant: Does this goal really matter, does it help me grow and develop into the person, family and business I need and want?

Timely: You need to set a target timeframe for when the goal will be accomplished. Deadlines help you focus on the completion of the goal.

So…what goals have I set for 2013?

1. Take charge of our finances and pay off debt!

2. Lose 60 pounds

3. Simplify our home life! Unclutter and purge every room of the house

4. Meal plan

5. Finish yard projects

6. Finish our basement – creating family room/play room

I can’t wait to start tackling these goals and creating a better life for our family. I plan to discuss these goals in more depth over the next few weeks/months.


What are your goals for 2013??

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