Monday, April 29, 2013

Garden 2013

I have been so excited about starting my garden this year. Last year was kind of a bust since Liam was born at prime planting time. I managed to still get some seeds in the ground, but I had a fairly small harvest. Add to that juggling a newborn and going back to work, I was pretty neglectful.
But this year is going to be different. We have lots of big plans for the garden. I want to do some major expansions, including adding a fence!! We also want to add more beds and mulch all the grass area (so there won’t be a need to mow). Stan also really really wants to grow corn, and I think we might finally have the space.
Earlier in the year I started my tomatoes and pepper seeds in one of those plastic green house trays. We are lucky to have a “sunroom” on the back of our house, so they get plenty of light and heat (even on a really cold day).
Here they are a month later.  Some of them really need to be transplanted!
Tomatoe Starts
I transplanted these start into clean pots (recycled from past purchases) along with new soil. They will have to stay inside for a few more weeks until we have our last frost. I will put them outside during the day to start hardening off. By the end of May I should be able to plant them outside in the garden.
This is the current state of my garden. I have turned the soil and pulled all the pesky weeds that invaded. The onions you can see to the left were never harvested last year. I am hoping I can just leave them in the ground and harvest them this year. We will see how that works out.
Here is what I will be planting outside. They are all ‘OK’ to plant before the last frost.
All organic seeds from Botanical Interests.
  • Multi-colored Beets
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • 2 types of lettuce
  • Multi-colored carrots
I learned this new trick when it comes to sowing your seeds. I always just used my finger to dig a trench, but then a friend mentioned using a bamboo stick. I have tons of these in my garden shed, why hadn't I ever thought to do that!
Using the bamboo stick, make an impression into the soil. Sow the seeds in the trench, based on the instructions on the seed packet.  Cover with soil. Water. Wait for seeds to germinate and emerge. Thanks to the bamboo stick, I will have super straight rows of produce!
How to plant seeds w text
Next week I will show you the fence and gate we are building. I am very excited to see how this turns out.
Do you plant a garden? What is your favorite vegetable to grow?

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