Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Clean a High Chair

How to Clean a High Chair

I still am amazed at how dirty Liam’s high chair gets. Since we are doing baby lead weaning, meaning we basically give Liam whatever we are eating and let him feed himself, food gets EVERYWHERE. I learned early on, I can’t control WHERE the food goes. Half the time, I don’t think it even makes it into his mouth!

Even with the biggest bib I can find, food makes it onto the straps, on the sides, on the cover and surprisingly UNDER the cover.

Avocado is the messiest, but Liam loves them…as can be seen by this face:

Avocado Face

He also enjoys smearing it around…

Avocado Tray

But that can leave the straps looking like this.

Dirty Straps

And food smeared into the seat cover, as seen here:

Messy Eater

And what I found under the cover was even worse!! Yucky!!

High Chair under cover

This kind of crud needs a good cleaning. Luckily, I found an awesome natural and non-toxic product that only takes minutes to get this high chair clean.

After vacuuming up the “crumbs” I sprayed the seat down with All-Purpose Cleaner made with Shaklee Basic H2.  A quick wipe and the seat was super clean.

All-Purpose Cleaner High Chair

I took the upper straps off the chair and sprayed them down with more All-Purpose Cleaner. Using my fingers, I massaged the cleaner into the stains, and within seconds they were gone. Then I just rinsed them under some water, and hung them on the dish rack to dry. Clean as new!!

High Chair Straps

I removed the cover and tossed it in the wash with some towels and a scoop of Fresh Laundry powered detergent. I hung it up to dry and a few hours later put it back on the high chair. It is like new again. Any stains from blueberries, squash or avocadoes were gone!

High Chair before after

I am so happy to have found a safe and natural product to use in my house and around my baby. And even more impressed with how well it cleans, with not a whole lot of effort or expense.

What is your favorite way to clean up after a messy baby?

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  1. Love your blog! Lots of good info. Babies are messy and you are right we need to be cleaning the straps and harnesses of our kids products. Glad to see you use natural products too!


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