Saturday, June 29, 2013

U-Pick Strawberries

I absolutely LOVE strawberries.  Nothing beats a freshly picked strawberry. Liam and I have been enjoying them out of our garden the last few weeks. Liam devours them and quickly picked up on how to harvest them.

Fresh Picked Strawberries

When I heard that it was Strawberry Festival time up at Greenbluff I knew we had to get up there before they were all gone.

The weather forecast called for temps in the 90’s…but that didn’t stop us. We packed a couple water bottles, grabbed the baby carrier and hit the road. In less than 20 min we up on Greenbluff looking for strawberries.

Green Bluff

Along the road were these signs, showing you which farms had strawberries. How cute!


After a few minuets of driving around, we decided on Knapp’s. They had great prices – 99 cents per lb! And they even drove you out to the strawberry field on these deluxe golf carts.

Starwberry picking golf cart

It was very hot! I started sweeting immediately. Luckily, there were still LOTS of strawberries to be had and I was determined to get a least a basket full. In just under an hour, we were able to pick just over 3 lbs of strawberries. If it hadn’t been so hot, I probably could have picked twice as much.

Starwberry Collage

Liam Strawberry Picking

Lima in the strawberry patch

Stan with Liam Strawberries

Do you go to a local farm and pick strawberries? What do you do with them? I plan on making lots of jam. Smile

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