Monday, June 9, 2014

Hazel {1 month update}


Wow…Hazel is one month old!!!

The past month has just flown by…like I blinked my eyes and here we are. Things seem like they have gone by especially fast compared to Liam’s first month. Managing a 2 year old and a newborn, is no joke…why did I think this was going to be easy???

When Liam was a newborn, my days were occupied with sleeping, nursing, and staring at this tiny human I had made. This time around there isn’t much down time. Liam requires a great deal of attention and the days just fly by...

Hazel wakes between 3-4 am to nurse. As soon as I feel like I am back to sleep, Stan’s alarm goes off. He tries to get out the door around 6am and I am able to get a few more minutes of sleep. By 7am Liam is up, so I am up. Hazel is still sleeping a lot, so I bring her into the living room in her bouncy chair while I take care of Liam. I make him breakfast and put on PBS. The mornings have been pretty uneventful. I am basically in survival mood, so unfortunately there has been a lot of  TV watching.

I try to hold Hazel as much as possible (I really need to start wearing here more) but it hard to do when I am wrangling a toddler and trying to keep the house from becoming condemned.

After lunch, Liam will usually take a nap for a couple of hours. During this time I like to just hold Hazel and do nothing else (even though this is really the only time I could be getting some things done). This is my favorite part of the day. She falls asleep on my chest after nursing. It is just the best feeling ever. The rise and fall of her body as she breaths deeply in slumber. Oh I wish she could just stay this size forever…

Stan has been getting home from work in the early evening, which has been nice compared to the later hours he used to work. I have been trying to get dinner ready so that we can be done and just chill for a little bit before bed time. Stan snuggles Hazel and I get a little break (or this is when I sneak off and get some grocery shopping done). Once Liam is asleep, Hazel nurses some more and is usually out for the night by 9pm. We have 1 or 2 nursing sessions during the night and sometimes I have to wake her to nurse, just to make sure I don’t get too uncomfortable. I swear she might sleep 10 hours if I would let her!

Hazel is such a content and happy baby. I keep thinking to myself, “Wow, I thought Liam was an easy baby…but Hazel is even more laid back!”

She is alert and happy. She coos and smiles...and makes funny faces!!

Many Faces of Hazel

I wanted to make sure I documented Hazel’s growth. I had made this letter H for her nursery, and thought it would be the perfect prop to use in her monthly photos…and thanks to Pinterest I thought it would great to list out some highlights from each month as well. Won’t these be fun to look back on? Wish I had done this with Liam.


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