Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Newborn Diapers

Last week I discussed the diaper rental I did through Earthy Crunchy Mama. I thought others might find a review of the diapers I received helpful.

I received an assortment of 24 new and used Lil Joey’s made by Kanga Care.


These diapers are designed to fit from 4-12 lbs.

They have a special snap down for the umbilical cord.

They are very simple and easy to use, very similar to a disposable diaper.

The internal soaker is made of 4 layers of microfiber that is permanently sew in into the core, compared to pockets that require stuffing.




I was familiar with Kanga Care because I have been using their one size pocket diapers, Rumparooz, with Liam since he was around 3 months old. They have worked great for us. I love the quality of the diapers and ease of use. When I saw they had newborn sized diapers, I thought they would be a great fit for baby Hazel.


I started using these when Hazel was a week old. I could have used them from the start, but I just didn’t feel like dealing with two in cloth that first week! At first I really loved these little diapers. They fit Hazel very well and were super cute to boot.


However, I started having leaking issues. She couldn’t go more than an hour without having her clothes soaking wet. Ugh! In 2 years of cloth I never had this kind of issue with Liam. I could tell we were reaching the max weight for these diapers and that was causing the issue. I added a hemp booster to help increase the absorbency and STOP the leaks.

After a month I decided it was time for us to move her out of the newborn diapers and into the one size diapers, on the newborn setting. Since doing that, I have had no issues with leaks and she can go 4-6 hours in one diaper – which means I can get a pretty good chunk of sleep. Yeah!

If Hazel had been on the smaller size at birth I probably could have used these newborn diapers without any issues for a longer period of time.

Overall, I think they are a great option for parents considering using cloth on their newborn. The rental program was great, because I didn’t have to make a huge investment on something I only used for a few months.


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