Monday, October 13, 2014

Pregnancy Weight – How I lost it

At 41 weeks pregnant, I had gained approximately 30 lbs. With gestational diabetes, I had to be vigilant with my nutrition and exercise, which has the added benefit of not gaining a lot of weight. While I might not have been “hitting the gym” I definitely was staying active chasing a toddler around. Liam has a ton of energy and didn’t let this mama get any rest. I also made sure to eat very healthy meals and take my supplements. Yes, I did indulge every once and while (Dairy Queen Blizzards are my pregnancy vice), but I never had the mindset of “eating for two”.

Most days I had my favorite protein smoothie for breakfast, a salad with protein for lunch, and a home cooked meal for dinner. Meal planning and freezer cooking were critical during this time…or we might have had fast food for dinner every night!

Here I am 7 days before Hazel was born and then 4 weeks after she was born. 2 days before Hazel was born and 4 weeks after she was born.

In all honestly, I was very anxious to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I hate that I was even worried about this, but since it took me a WHOLE year to lose the weight I gained with Liam, I knew it wouldn’t just fall off. I would have to put in some effort. Even with the 400-500 calories you supposedly burn breastfeeding, I don’t lose weight.

Unfortunately, I greatly underestimated how hard caring for a newborn and toddler would be…


At 5 weeks postpartum I had only lost 15 lbs, half the weight I had gained. That was frustrating, since my baby was 9lbs at birth and there were so many other factors to the weight, including the placenta and amniotic fluid. I was envious of the other moms who just “bounce back”…and here I was still looking pregnant!

It was then I decided I needed to start putting some concerted effort into making some lifestyle changes. With a new baby, toddler and husband working 2 jobs, I really had stopped taking care of myself. I was lucky if I got in a shower most days. I was in survival mode. And it was not good. I was not happy…

Instead of dwelling on it, I decided I had to just make time for me. I got up earlier in the morning so I could shower, get dressed and do my hair. Wow, what different that alone made. I started meal planning again and I went grocery shopping by myself! It might not have been much, but it was time alone to refocus. I took the kids on walks to the park. It was great to get out of the house and let Liam play. He wasn’t  happy about being cooped up in the house either.


By 10 weeks post-partum I had lost 21 lbs! I was feeling so much better. Eating lot of healthy foods. Fueling my body on healthy protein, veggies and fruit and of course my favorite protein smoothie. It is amazing what taking care of your body with proper nutrition can do!


At 5 months postpartum I am now  UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight!!!

Healthy eating, quality supplements, and chasing after kids has helped me lose all the baby weight in less than 5 months! I feel amazing and have more energy than I ever could have expected with a toddler and nursing baby!!

If you are at all interested in learning more about what I did, please leave a comment or send me an email. I might write a post of what my daily food and activity looks like.

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