Meet Hailey

Hello! I am Hailey!
Welcome to the Hill...

...the Happy Hill Homestead!

This blog is a tribute to my heritage and family. My paternal grandparents were cattle ranchers in the Okanogan Valley. They started with very little and grew a family and ranch from the ground up. As a child, I spent many weekends and summers at the ranch on Happy Hill. Grandma taught me how to sew, can and cook. I learned about livestock husbandry, how to ride a horse and build fences. Now as an adult, living in the city, I dreams of those days on the ranch and long for the opportunity to raise our family on a little plot of land with a garden and maybe a few chickens.


This blog documents our lives as we go Back to the Basics. Living off less, while having more. Enjoying the simple things in life, like a home cooked meal and a good conversation. We have started our own family now and want to raise our son in an environment of health and happiness.  

I hope you follow me as I create the life of our dreams...




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